Types of Online Casino Games

You have a wide variety of games to choose from when you feel like playing in a casino. Most games involve the use of dice, slots, cards, lotteries and spinning wheels. Some games that are more interesting and hence, more popular, are mostly found in all casinos. Out of the many different games available for you to play, the most popular games that are played on online casinos are:

Slot Machines

This is the most popular and well-known of the casino games. It is very exciting as well. Based on the conventional mechanical slotting technique, this game requires you to insert a coin into the machine and pull a virtual lever that will spin the three drum rolls imprinted with various symbols. If you are lucky, the three reels will land on the same symbol and win you money.

Black Jack

This is a card game of French origin which requires the player to try taking cards that combine to give a sum total close to 21, before the dealer. The cards used in the game are numbered according to their face value. Jacks, kings and queens may be worth 10 while aces are worth 11 or 1.


Invented by a French mathematician, this game only involves pure luck. A spinning wheel, with many numbers on it, is spun and a small ball is dropped on the wheel. The players playing the game can then bet on the number on which the ball will stop. You are even allowed to bet on a combination of probable numbers to reduce your chances of a loss.


This game is quite complex and involves the use of dice. In this game, a player throws two dice and then tries again to get the same number. This game can also be won on pure luck and is very interesting and engaging.


This is kind of a lottery game. In this game, balls are used that have numbers printed on them. Out of 80 balls, 20 are drawn and the players are required to guess the number that was drawn. A player can guess more than once but less than twenty times.

Video Poker Slots

The original game is played physically on a table, while the online game is played on the computer where the machine is supposed to deal a five card hand. You can choose to keep or throw away as many cards as you want. Then you can press ‘deal/draw’ after finalizing your options. The cards you did not hold will be replaced by new ones. In case the new cards comprise of a winning combination, you will win some money. This is a very engaging game and can keep you hooked for hours.


This game is of Japanese origin and resembles a pinball machine without flippers. You can fire the ball which travels through clusters of pins and when a ball enters certain locations, it gets captured after which a sequence of events may get triggered and more balls may be released, as a result. The ultimate object of this game is to capture as many balls that can then be exchanged for money.

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